Let the games begin

Let me tell you something. If you are ever in a situation where you need to fly to Australia, make sure you have the following: sleeping pills, a water bottle, ear plugs, and most importantly of all, sleeping pills. (yes, I know I said that one twice)

After leaving my house at 10:30 Thursday morning, I’ve made it to Australia. Stepping off the last plane was the largest relief of my life. I had my bags forwarded on to Sydney from Toronto, but I needed to check them again in Sydney to send them off to Townsville. Hey dad, remember how I didn’t want 2 bags? I should have followed my instinct. My bag with all my cosmetics and adaptors and important things wasn’t carried forward from San Francisco, so that delayed me in Sydney, and I had to RACE around the airport trying to fill out reports and find my other bag, and THEN almost miss my next flight by 5 minutes, thank Jesus that I made it.

Townsville is a beautiful place. There’s palm trees, tropical flowers, LOADS of sunshine and beaches that go on for forever! There’s a waterpark close to where I stay, and we have to swim inside the nets in the sea because it is currently “stinger season”, and those are not so nice. I’m excited to explore life here for a while.

I wrote something in my journal on my first flight yesterday and realized how sad I was to leave home. I commented on how most people worry about packing clothes, and electronics, cosmetics and entertainment, and all I wanted to bring was my family. To be in 2 places at once would be the biggest blessing God could give me, but I also know this experience is something not everyone gets, and God has me here for reasons I don’t yet understand.

I hope God showers you with His blessing this week, whichever time zone you’re in. May you know His peace, and pass it along to others, as we all know He doesn’t give anything to us to keep to ourselves. Shine the light out.

Love you all so much,

With Strength that is not my own, Sam


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