Kicking fear in the face

My day


I sat at the cafe. I sat and just breathed it all in. All that He’s done to get me here, all the lessons He’s taught me along the way. I prayed under my breath of thankfulness for the way that He works, the way He gently takes my hand and encourages me to take another step. He’s so good to me.

Today I laid out my fears on paper. And with each fear I had, I asked Him to reveal the connecting unbelief. I fear being alone, because sometimes I don’t believe He is enough for me. I fear going to the “wrong” country on outreach because I don’t always believe I can hear Him speaking properly. I fear missing out on opportunities because I don’t believe His plans are always as good as I’d think they are.



1 John 4:18- Such love has no fear, because perfect love casts out fear.

1 John 4:8- But anyone who does not love does not know God, for God is love. 

Perfect love casts out fear. God is perfect love. God casts out fear.

John 10:10- The thief comes to seek, kill and destroy, but I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

You and I are not bound by fear, we laid that down when we realized that this life has one purpose, and that is to glorify Jesus in every single action we make. I wrote my fears out and God clearly showed me where I was believing lies from Satan, which gave me the perfect chance to stand against Satan and take my royal authority back. I will not make decisions based out of fear, but based on the solid words of my Saviour.

So go. Cast out that fear, because you have perfect love living inside you. Do you feel that in your bones?

Serving God

With Strength that is not my own, Sam


Lying in Your loving arms

We have an unspoken tradition, my sisters and mum and I, that after holiday dinners, when we’re all together cleaning up, someone turns the radio on and, quite often, the Dixie Chicks somehow make their way out. Their twangy (is that a word?) voices fill the kitchen, as well as our own professional add ons. I don’t admit to liking country music anymore, but somehow the Chicks have remained in my music library- mostly because I love the way we bond over soap suds and songs of simplicity.

Today was a beautiful day. Today was the day God brought together all He has been getting me ready to receive for the past few weeks. Slowly, each morning, He’s been drawing me to Him, asking me to sacrifice in order to be with Him, and promising that it is worth it. He is always worth it. But today was especially beautiful because today I felt Him. Today I felt Him wrap His arms around me and just hold me close. Too many times I’ve heard it, too many times and yet it hadn’t sunk in. He loves me.

He loves me. 

Simple, but somehow the distance between my head and heart was lengthened. And think what you may, call me crazy, but He truly is the groom, and I truly am His bride. My words right now are hard to find, its hard to sort through the complicated to see that I am desperately loved, fervently pursued, and that He is SO proud of me.

So, back to the Dixie Chicks. They wrote this little ditty, called “Loving Arms”, and it’s almost perfectly explaining the state of my heart. I feel like I’m wrapped up so tight, that He’s got me, He’s got this. It doesn’t matter if I don’t have answers, it doesn’t matter if I’m at a loss for words when I try to explain just how good He is- He’s in control. For a girl that loves to get up and run, to change things up, the girl who thought single meant alone, I am held so tightly.

If you could see me now
The one who said that she’d rather roam
The one who said she’d rather be alone
If you could only see me now
If I could hold you now
Just for a moment if I could
Really make you mine
Just for a while turn back the
Hands of time
If I could only hold you now
I’ve been too long in the wind
Too long in the rain
Taking any comfort that I can
Looking back and longing for the freedom from my chains
Lying in your loving arms again

Jesus- I am lying in YOUR arms. You have my plans, you love me more than anyone ever could. You know my heart inside and out because You live in it, and because You created it. I give you everything, and every time I feel like that’s a burden, You show me how it’s actually what sets me free. I am blessed, immensely, and please Jesus, help me to remember that. Help me to remember where You’ve taken me, how far you’ve brought me from where I used to be. Break my heart for what breaks Yours, show me what You see. Thank you for your patience with me, and thank you for the simple things that make me smile. You are forever my Forever, there is no one like You.



With Strength that is not my own, Sam