I’ve moved..

Ever get those moments where your whole life seems to hinge off of one detail? Like- if I don’t get this job, then I can’t make my car payment, and then I won’t have a car, which means I won’t be able to get a new job, and then I’m jobless and carless. Or how about- if I don’t date/marry this person, then I’ll be alone for my whole life, and people will never stop looking at me with those sad eyes, or asking me if there’s “anyone on my radar”………


.                 .                .                    .                   .                .                  .                     .               .                 .


If you love me, and love reading what I write.. I’d like to invite you over here, where I will be writing from now on. I’ve so enjoyed this space, but realized the need to combine my art into one space, and the other guys won. I hope you’ll come and join me! If you scroll to the very bottom, you’ll find a spot to subscribe, so just like on here, every time I post, it is sweetly delivered right into your email.

Thank you for your dedication to me!




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