If you never visit me here again on this site, but you read this, I’m ok with that.

This morning I did the unforgivable. I skipped church. Actually, my beautiful church family is probably starting their sermon right about now. I’m sad I’m not there, but I’m thankful I’m home. After everyone left, I had quiet. All I could hear was the faint ticking of the clock, and the gentle water hitting the ground outside the window as snow melts away.

A few days ago, I started thinking about 2014. Now I can hear you already, “Sam- be in this moment.” Be calm- I was only thinking and asking God for a word for 2014. Last year in December as I prayed about 2013, He told me that this year would be “hard, but good.” This year, I gently asked Him for something different. “Maybe not so hard this time? Please?” But He’s the almighty, and He carried me through this year, so He can carry me through anything.

.      .     .      .        .       .


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