“Reckless faith always has one foot in eternity. It measures people by their actions and not their belongings. A reckless faith believes when there is no evidence and hurls itself at what is unseen but promised. A reckless faith isn’t “refined” in the least. It does not make sense to the world, and yet, the world often seems fascinated by it.”                                                              Reckless Faith, Beth Guckenberger

I’m reading this book, Reckless Faith, because I have to do a book report on a missionary of my choice. I was in a huge rush to find one, yet I was so unmotivated that I actually put no effort into looking at all. Claire, a beautiful friend of mine, walks up to me and asks if I still need a book to read, and passes this one to me. And it’s beautiful. That quote, that’s how I want my life to look. I don’t want it to make sense, I will do without all the comforts. I will endure the hardships so I can grow and learn from them, I want to be reckless.

This week our lecture topic was, surprise surprise, missions! As dull as the thought of it all is, it actually turned out to be an amazing week. Buddy, the speaker, pumped us full of statistics and terrifying facts about the world and how Christianity fits into it all. Depending on the day, I would either leave the classroom feeling equipped and ready to go, or deflated and a bit confused about my part in it all. In the end of the week though we found a way to tie it all together and make some decisions about our futures. Friday morning we cleared the floor and made a giant map of the world on the floor with masking tape. The main idea was to intercede for each nation in the 8 spheres of society (Education, the church, economics, science & technology, etc.) We had covered these topic throughout the week and pinpointed what parts of God are revealed through each sphere. So we spent the next 3 hours praying into these areas, and God was really speaking to many people about different things. I was going through a lot during this time just listening and figuring out what God is preparing me for, and I got the same old answer. WAIT. “You’re on the right track, just trust me on this one”, that’s all He says. So, I wait.

It hit me this morning that this time next week, I’ll be enjoying my first full day in Papua New Guinea! How insane is that? I fly out at 5.15, Friday morning, and the adventure continues in a new country! I’m not sure how much I’ve told you about the trip, so I’ll give a brief overview. So, we land Friday afternoon in Pt.Moresby, PNG. For the first few day’s we are spending time in the city there, celebrating Anzac Day with the locals and tourists. Anzac day is a celebration that Australia and PNG share, going back to WW2 when the Japanese tried to invade Australia through PNG, so that sounds like it’ll be an amazing experience! So Wednesday, the 27th, we begin the hike! All together we will be hiking an estimated 60-70km, over the entire 6 weeks, but the first stretch is going to be the most difficult. We have to carry 5kg of rice and 2kg of tuna each because we won’t hit the first village until a few days into the hike, as well as our daily supply of water, which for me is 4L. So we’ll be hiking for 8 hours a day until we get to the villages. When we arrive, we have to really just wait on God to let us know our plan for the day. The plan is to stay at each village for 2 or 3 days, then hike to the next one! Depending how far apart they are spaced, it could be between 3 and 5 hour hikes. SO, a lot of hiking! And rumour has it, all the mud from the entire world has been dumped in PNG, so it’ll be 6 weeks of being dirty. Showers consist of rain, or a remotely clean stream of water, which we are praying desperately for. This outreach is by far going to be the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, and I would DEEPLY appreciate your prayers. Specifically, that we have healthy water to drink, and that we have food when we get to the villages. (My leaders expect us each to lose between 5-12kg, (10-25lbs), so I might look a bit different when I get back!)

I know the outreach sounds barbaric, and a bit crazy, but I honestly believe this is what God needs from me at this point. I have just been receiving confirmations all over the place, and God has just been speaking so much to me about this trip. The main thing He’s telling me is that He’s already there. I’m not bringing Him there, He already lives with them. My job is solely to point Him out, which might be a bit more difficult than I expect it to be. No matter what, I’m doing what He needs me to do, whether it’s easy or not. Again, please pray. For the team, that we remain as one, and for my mind, that I remain positive.

Can you believe that in 61 days I’ll be back with you? Then I can tell you my stories face to face, and you can pour your hearts out to me as well! My heart is smiling just thinking about that!

With Strength that is not my own, Sam