If the Earth were a Golf ball….

So when I was in DTS, we watched a Youtube video set from Louie Giglio titled “How Great is Our God.” If you haven’t heard of it, check it out, it’ll just make you even more in awe of our God and His awesome power. One thing Louie talks repeatedly about is the earth in relation to a golf ball. To quote him, “If the earth were the size of a golf ball, it could fit inside the sun over a million times!” I’ll admit, his referrals to the earth being a golf ball gets a bit repetitive, but his intentions are honourable. Our God is amazing. When I think of how huge the earth is, and the fact that it can fit inside the sun over a million times, it makes me feel tiny in comparison.

The reason I’m writing about this today is because some days, I feel very blessed that God sees me. And when I think about how small I am in comparison to the earth, the sun, the entire universe, I feel so blessed. My presence here on this earth is so weak, so fleeting. And sometimes I become quite arrogant about it all, my expectations are completely unrealistic. Again, basic human rights get blown out of proportion. This week I was sadly confronted with a very common expectation about life: I deserve to die when I’m old. We get quite arrogant, don’t we? Always expecting to wake up in the morning, expecting to see our loved ones “later”, expecting to get another chance to say what we need to say. I, along with many of my friends, lost a great friend this week. 23 years young, no one saw it coming. It wasn’t a car accident, it wasn’t an illness, it came out of no where.  And in the days that have followed, I can’t stop thinking about the urgency of life.

So often, I put off saying what God needs me to, with the selfish though that I’ll get another chance. I put my wildest dreams aside, because I’m so set on doing them “later”. And then I get a rude awakening, another shout out, to remind me that I may not get another tomorrow. Tears rush when I think about how fragile our lives really are, and yet we treat them like we’re invincible. And I don’t want to live that way. I want to live everyday recognizing that old age isn’t a right, it’s a gift.

If there’s one thing I have learned, it’s that God can be just as glorified in death as He can be in life. And I believe, I know, that He makes everything work. No, this may not have been in HIS plan, but He can turn this into something beautiful. I cling to His promise in Romans 8v28 “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose for them.” I just scribbled in my journal last week that nothing makes sense until you look back. When I’m in a situation that hurts or is confusing, I can trust that God will make it work out. So no, I don’t understand why he was taken so young. But I do trust God to make it work out.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,’ says the Lord. ‘And my ways are far beyond anything you could ever imagine.”  Isaiah 55v8

Josh. This one’s for you.

With Strength that is not my own, Sam