Jesus & YWAM

I believe that those who pick up their cross face many things. I believe those who say no to what they want are in turn saying yes to something bigger, something better. I believe a lot of things, and I’ve made a vow to make my life look like the things I believe in. So here they are.

I believe in  joyful hellos

I believe the “easiness” of this life was left in a beautiful garden many years ago.

I believe that when one has seen, they are then responsible.

I believe that this life is not my own, my family is not my own, my possessions and loves and memories are not my own.

I believe that we can no longer ignore the cries of the silenced, the weak, the widow or the orphan.

I believe in every single one of those Letters in Red, and the power they have to change every life.

I believe that my Father has no borders, so neither should I.

I believe that discipleship is the most effective form of evangelism. See those little Letters in Red for proof.

I believe that God knows my heart, gave me my talents, and has given me a calling.

What does this mean for me now? It means I’m headed to Amsterdam, working with Youth With a Mission. I am discipling others, younger and older than me, by being their sister. I laugh with them, I cry with them, I offer whatever wisdom my Father gives me, and I come humbly yet boldly before His throne in honour of my brothers and sisters. I am a full time volunteer for the Kingdom of Heaven, and in 2013 that means not taking a wage, but next year could be different. It means that day in and day out, I am laying down what I have always known, and continue to ask God for His plans, His heart, His words and His love.


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